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I purchased property in the Flathead about 30 years ago with the intent of spending time in retirement and time with family and friends in this beautiful valley. Parts of the Weaver family have been in this area for generations and my family and I visited often to hunt, fish and visit local relatives.

Through childhood memories, frequent visits and exploration of business plans that would help keep large tracts of rural land in family hands, my wife and I have become personally and financially invested in the area. With the good fortune of being able to make Montana our home over the past several years, we are increasingly intent on being good stewards with our land and water, and providing a home and family gathering place for future generations.

Our property has historically had a high-quality artesian well, and we have contemplated further development of this resource for several years as a means of augmenting the income necessary to maintain this tract of land. We have developed a boutique-brand, natural artesian bottled water. Our own sense of stewardship, the location of the well and our bottling facility, and the general lack of surrounding infrastructure will naturally limit the size of the plant and its impacts on neighboring land uses and property owners. We are confident that our personal ethics and business goals will allow us to develop this abundant and treasured resource, provide a unique product, and leave a lasting and positive legacy.