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We believe in private property rights and protecting those investments.

We believe in sustainable land stewardship.

We believe in honesty, hard work and following the rules.

We believe in being good neighbors.

We appreciate the value of water in the west, and we understand some of the concerns expressed by opponents of our project. We believe the regulatory process provided ample opportunity for us to answer those questions, for the responsible and objective regulatory agencies to analyze our proposal, and for us to modify our project as necessary to address real concerns.

Why we Believe Montana Artesian bottled water is Montana’s Finest Tasting water.

The water that flows from our artesian well maintains and average 7.5 PH.
The composition of natural minerals of our water is smooth, thirst quenching and refreshing. Many people have stated, after drinking our water they do not experience acid reflux as they do with other bottled waters.

Montana Artesian Water has been awarded the Bronze Medal for taste in the bottled water category, which is third place, world-wide at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Event 2020.