Water Usage

Scale of our water usage

We have constructed a facility on our property that gives us the capacity to bottle approximately 30 gallons of water per minute.

Our intent is to run the plant 10 hours per day, six days per week. If the project is successful, we would consider scaling up the production, but recognize the constraints and uncertainty of the market, our various regulatory requirements and limitations, and the impacts of future development on the surrounding infrastructure. Exercise of the full water right will depend on marketability of the product and our ability to meet that future market demand.

At our initial rate of production, we anticipate no more than about six (6) trucks to and from the plant per day. This could change if the business is successful, but we would anticipate no more than ten (10) trucks per day at what we consider the capacity of our site.

Incidentally, we have proactively worked out an agreement with the County to pay for impacts to county roads directly attributable to our truck traffic.
Our immediate intent is to market this unique product within Montana, but expand as the market allows.

The DEQ permitting process, and our good conscience requires that we engage our neighbors and the public with any substantive change in our plans that would have the potential to adversely affect the surrounding environment. We are committed to being good neighbors.

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