What We Believe

We have shared values

We believe in private property rights and protecting those investments.

We believe in sustainable land stewardship.

We believe in honesty, hard work and following the rules.

We believe in being good neighbors.

We appreciate the value of water in the west, and we understand some of the concerns expressed by opponents of our project. We believe the regulatory process provided ample opportunity for us to answer those questions, for the responsible and objective regulatory agencies to analyze our proposal, and for us to modify our project as necessary to address real concerns.

We believe we should be allowed to pursue our dreams as much as anyone else in the valley, so long as our actions do not cause irreparable harm to neighbors and the environment. We believe this is possible and are committed to the development of a project that does nothing less than that.

We understand the concerns people have about the impacts of growth and changes in historic land use, but as a community, we need to approach these issues with thoughtful consideration and measured solutions based on the long-term social, economic and environmental health in mind. Knee jerk reactions and entrenched positions do little to build a healthy community over the long term.

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