Groundwater is a plentiful and vital resource within the Flathead Valley. The majority of the high capacity municipal, irrigation, and commercial wells derive groundwater from the Deep Artesian Aquifer. The aquifer extends from the foothills of the Whitefish Range southward to Flathead Lake and is bordered on the east by the Swan Range and the Salish Mountains to the west. The aquifer is annually recharged from snowmelt infiltration and influent stream flow.

Recharge waters from these sources flows into the aquifer along the margins of the valley to annually replenish the amount used from well pumping; water is not being depleted from the artesian aquifer (Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, 2004). Montana Artesian Water Company’s supply well utilizes groundwater from this aquifer. The well is 220 feet deep and constructed in accordance with public water supply well specifications.